Preview: MT FAQ “Brake Upgrades”.

AP Racnig Big Brake Kit BMW MINIThe Guide for choosing and evaluation of barking components for Mini Torque.

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Ive neglected this page a bit of late while I have been setting up for some new projects, restoring some more of the house to at least attempt to have some of it ready for the winter.  Along with all of this faffing I have been doing battle with my expanding fleet of Alfa Romeos, it seems one is not enough and the 3rd one arrives this Saturday.  As I have found that its easier to own a couple of each phase at it means at least one of them is always working (ish).

Still there:

fiat500_line_daisyyellowA couple of years ago I was approached by a customer from my motor sport days to design some sample T-shirts for a business venture of his, I knocked out a few quick photoshops of design ideas for him and its nice to see nearly four years on my little Fiat 500 is still there and selling, Ive been told one was even sold to Jay Leno.


Are we on the right planet?

Are we on the right planet?

At least NASA know what planet to land on…..

If they cant even tell which planet is which how much can you trust them with your money?

Ski Review no2: Salomon 24 Hours

Skis: 2011 Salomon 24 Hours 178 with integrated Z12 bindings on Speedplate

About me: 29 years old skied since I could walk.  Currently 193cm and 95kg.

Areas I’ve used these skis: Val Thorens, Meribel and Courchevel, France.

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Mini Torque Blog Post:

All Rights Reserved Richard Jackson 2012

All Rights Reserved Richard Jackson 2012

My write up of Richard Jackson’s R53 Cooper S published on the blog of Mini Torque for which I am a contributor: