Ski Review no2: Salomon 24 Hours

Skis: 2011 Salomon 24 Hours 178 with integrated Z12 bindings on Speedplate

About me: 29 years old skied since I could walk.  Currently 193cm and 95kg.

Areas I’ve used these skis: Val Thorens, Meribel and Courchevel, France.


  • Radius: 16.8,
  • Sidecut: 119/ 73/ 105
  • Camber
  • Carve Rocker

Category: Piste, Groomed runs, Ice, Crud, Moguls, Shop version GS.

Bindings used:  Salomon Z12 on Speed plate (din set at 9)

Boots used: Salomon CS100’s

Quoted length: 178 – true to length.

Days skied on: Six.

So how do they preform?  I feel a little bit in love with these skis, the three valleys is normally pretty snow sure by European standards however I arrived in Val Thorens to find there had been little if any snow for the better part of a week and there was nothing but bluebird forecast for the next week, needless to say my powder skis did not leave their bag until Friday when all the snow arrived at once.

On the open and steep runs of the Three Valleys these skis are at home there was nothing that I asked of them that they could not answer, at speeds that would have me in receipt of a fine in my car they held a perfect edge on the groomed runs, be it icy or soft either condition was easy work with a 73mm wait and race camber underfoot coupled with Salomons powerline dampening technology they didn’t so much adsorb bumps they crushed them.

The two sheets of Titanal ( sandwiched in Salomons ‘power line’ in a 178, which is a bit shorter than I would normally consider.  However I found them to be perfectly balanced and responsive.  Salomon claims a progressive radius between 15 and 19 meters with these skis and while I was initially skeptical I found that with some adaptation of my style (sending the weight onto the centre of the ski) they did happily perform shorter turns.  However make no mistake this ski is happiest when the slope is long steep and open with your weight forward they do not so much charge as conquer all in front of you, the only member of our group to go past me at full speed all week was on top of a set of Head GTO200’s (I think hes still trying to turn somewhere).

Salomon’s ‘carve rocker’ while subtle allows one to initiate turns with ease, while there is very little if any visible rocker, the front of the ski certainly does engage with at any speed though.  While I was unable to test these on anything but groomed runs (the off piste was a solid crust and the avalanche risk was quite high due to shelf slides) the verity of the pistes in the Three Valleys allowed exploration of their behaviour on very soft to very firm freshly groomed snow and harder ice plates in the shadows, I am pleased to report they took each condition in their stride.

Quality of construction:  The pair I used for the week were shop hires so had seen two seasons worth of use, there was some obvious wear on the top sheets from European lift lines, the bases and edges were still in very good condition and showed little sings of damage or major wear and tear (a friend has these as his piste skis and with normal use and they exhibit very little sing or wear and tear).

Other things of note:  I feel I should say again how balanced and comfortable these felt at speed, it’s clear to see the step down in technology and construction from Salomons ture race skis into their advanced piste skis.

Overall conclusions:  The only reason I don’t own a set is everywhere in Europe seems to have sold out of these in 178, and to be fair I am not surprised, for an advanced skier looking for a piste weapon they can use all day I highly recommend these.

One thought on “Ski Review no2: Salomon 24 Hours

  1. fullartonjw March 1, 2013 at 11:58 am Reply

    Since this was posted I have purchased a set of the 2011 models and I will see how they fare over a longer term test.

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